23 People Who Completely Missed An Opportunity

Few things in life disappoint me like a missed opportunity. You had a chance and you blew it. It may be a bummer, but it sure is entertaining.

From losing a job at NASA to bad product names, these missed opportunities are mildly infuriating, but also funny.

1. “Shoulda been called ‘Tomayo’. just saying”

2. “What’s green avenger called again?”

3. “Sneize This Moment”

4. “To not call this product ‘Scrubber-Ducky'”

5. “Missed opportunity to have the astronaut say ‘always has bean'”

6. “Could’ve been called ‘Kohconut'”


8. “Always missing those opportunities”

9. “Emotional Baggage < Greifcase"

10. “**HI** my name is Swim Shady”

11. “Coulda been Hooks, Lines, and Sinkers come on Walmart”


13. “To make the price $76,76”

14. “The louisiana being the O and not the L”

15. “Should have been ‘corn on the hog'”

16. “My Anxietea”

17. “Could have used Captain America”

18. “Pizza for life. Down the drain.”

19. “Never Trust A Chef That Won’t Eat Their Own Food, And Never Trust A Door Company That Won’t …”

20. “Cauli-flour missed opportunity”

21. “Thanks, I hate missed opportunities”

22. “Totally missed”

23. “Duck, missed it!”

h/t: r/MissedOpportunity