21 People Who Got Royally Screwed In 2018 And Lived To Tell The Tale

If we’ve learned anything from 2018, it’s that things don’t always go according to plan. In fact, more often than not things just suck. Fortunately, the internet is there to remind us that it’s always best to laugh through the pain.

These are just a few people who got royally screwed in 2018 and graciously shared their humiliation for our enjoyment.

1. This guy who was hoping for brand new teeth.

2. This dad who will be frightening everyone in the neighborhood with his new smile.

3. This person who won’t be winning any cosplay awards.


4. The purchaser of this terrifying Disney cake.


5. The woman who got a rather small sample size.

6. Greg and his unfortunate case of Ebay trickery.


7. The person who bought this painting that doesn’t look quite the same in person.


8. Jimmy and his surprise dog tapestry.


9. This poor gentleman who definitely shouldn’t finish his sandwich.

10. Whoever read this misleading flyer.