17 People Who Actually Made It Worth Being On Twitter In 2018

Oh, Twitter, you cruel mistress. You tempt us with your steady flow of entertainment, in the form of news and jokes.

At any hour, any place, we check you, looking to fill something empty inside us. We’re addicted to you despite the fact that you spew so much garbage. All we ask in return is that every so often, you give us something good.

Please give us something that will truly make us laugh. That good content that we crave.

Show us people who are all, in their own ways, real legends.

Let people have who’ve earned it have their 15 minutes of viral fame.

Please continue to give us tweets like these, that make us laugh and truly remind of us of our humanity, as sappy as that sounds.

Give us this and we will gladly pledge our allegiance to you for another year.

1. People like this guy, who clearly wins the award for Most Uncle Ever.

What exactly is it about this guy that makes him so “uncle”? It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s some combination of the brown shoes and the black socks and the jeans, some perfect amalgamation that just sums up “uncle.”

2. And this woman who dared stake claim to her name on Facebook, even though it seems like a fairly common name and clearly other people have it.

Twitter: maureenjohnson

The best part is that the older Maureen Johnson claims that “age trumps beauty.” Fair enough. She’s earned that damn name. NO SHARING.

3. This dude at a show, who thinks he’s filming but really just has his calculator out.

Slow clap, dude. Well-played.

4. This man, who realized a little too late how his sweater would look with just part of it showing.

It’s not the kind of thing I would remember to even consider when shopping—how will this look with a jacket? But in this case, it’s really pretty perfect.

5. This girl, who honestly thought we lived inside the Earth. Yes. Inside.

This whole family is a) adorable and hilarious, and b) really needs some science lessons.

6. This ice skater, who just eats it so hard. So, so hard. Absolutely flat out. Just…wow.

He is truly a legend now. Is he okay, by the way?

7. Sweet, sweet Emma, who somehow doesn’t know how to dab, but gives it her all anyway.

Cheers to Emma, for really just being enthusiastic.

8. This hero, who wasn’t afraid to say what we’re all thinking.

Is this real? Who even knows. What matter is, you know you want to send that text next time you hear from the mom of the ex who you dated for years and gave your best to and who dumped you anyway. What? No, that didn’t happen to me, I was talking about someone else.

9. This child, who even at such a young age went the extra mile for someone else.

Whoever raised this child is doing an excellent job.

10. This wonderful boyfriend, who loves his lady but wanted her to know the truth.

This is a person you can trust.

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.