19 Dads Who Went Viral In 2018 And Will Still Be Talking About It In 2019

There’s something about a great dad that binds him together with all the other great dads of the world. A common thread, if you will. It’s an ideal blend that features a dash of sweetness, a sprinkle of extra, and several heaping tablespoons of bad/dad humor.

A great dad doing his dad-best is prime material for a viral social media post. Here are the sweetest, hottest, and funniest dads 2018 had to offer:

1. This life-sized dad:


2. This fierce dad:


3. This photographer dad:

4. This hot tattoo dad:


5. This warring dad:


6. This film-inspired dad:


7. This caring dog dad:

8. This pizza-loving dad:

9. This troll dad:


10. This side-eye dad:

(Who actually turned out to be blind in one eye, *claims* he couldn’t remember the moment the picture was taken. “Looking at the picture, he says he was just looking down!” said his daughter, Alex.