So, You Thought You Could DIY It — How’d That Turn Out? (20 Fails)

Funny DIY fails always make me feel better about myself.

Not because I’m smart but because I know that there are other people like me who can’t find a stud.

These people will also not be getting their deposit back.

Just call someone who knows what they’re doing next time.

1. Shew had so much time to realize what she was doing.

2. I did this exact same thing too!

3. Some cats can make that work, though.

4. Maybe stripes are “in” again.

5. Not a problem for married couples.

6. Watch your head.

7. A great way to keep yourself from going to the fridge.

8. A homemade bathroom stall door.

9. Something’s off here.

10. The junk drawer became junk.

11. Just get an AppleTV and leave the ladder.

12. You can cut a hole in it and make it work.

13. Perfect for short people when it’s time for bed.

14. You almost got it.

15. “We threw in the ladder at no charge”

16. Just slide the dresser over and try again next year.

17. I don’t know how to fix this but it looks wrong.

18. If you leave the fan running for a while it’s actually not that bad.

19. “Anyone have a saw?”

20. Smashing job!

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