Oh No — 16 Students Who Accidentally Turned In Work With Cringeworthy Mistakes

Let this be a lesson to all of you: proofread EVERYTHING. Because hoo boy, you do not want to be one of these absolutely mortified students when they realize their mistakes. I mean, I’m sure the teachers had a chuckle. But … yikes!

1. Stupid f-cking paper that has no meaning


2. Oh no, what a mistake!


3. Dentits!

Twitter: @churrosoul

4. Give up!

@lindsey_bell18 / Twitter
@lindsey_bell18 / Twitter

5. Ahhh sh-t.docx

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6. Why would you name your doc this anyway?

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7. Spelled her name wrong

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8. Submitted a bad take

9. Coglab bullsh-t2.pdf is probably not what you want to turn in

Twitter: @ericgarika
Twitter: @ericgarika

10. Fart!

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11. Seriously, stop doing temp titles

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12. IDK I think this was the original working title of the book

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13. Whoops?

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14. Source here

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15. Fake cover letter

16. Buckle up, motherf-cker!