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This Bag of Wet Eggs Is Bringing Everyone Together In Shared Horror (15 Tweets)

Different cultures have very different ideas about what makes an edible meal, so I’m often hesitant to criticize food and call it disgusting. It might be a very normal part of a diet for someone else and I’m just an ignorant fool missing out on a delicious delicacy We should all be more open-minded about food and trying new things. Except for this bag of wet eggs.

The eggs were discovered by Twitter user @TrumpetSexy at a Morrison’s grocery store, a UK chain, according to Buzzfeed news. 

“My local Morrison’s is selling actual sacks of wet eggs,” they wrote. “This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed.”

Here they are looking like a collection of egg body bags on the shelf:

And here’s a close-up on the bag, which appears to read that there are “5 Boiled Eggs” inside. Does that mean they’re multiplying on their own in there?

As @TrumpetSexy points out, the eggs aren’t just horrifying because they’re unappealing. They’re psychologically disturbing. Why? What? How?

The wet eggs seem to have sent a wave of revulsion across the Internet. As someone who is very sensitive about how their eggs are prepared, this sack of embryos is seriously off-putting. Still, the reaction seems huge:

Morrison’s is having a blast on Twitter over their egg notoriety. The account is replying to the big tweets about their egg bag special, cheerfully suggesting that this is a wonderful bargain everyone should line up to take advantage of, just in case they have to feed a small army some quick protein:

Thanks, Rochelle! Looking at their usual replies, this was probably a nice break from responding to customer complaints. A spokesperson for the company also told Buzzfeed that the eggs are generally boiled for their salad bar and if they don’t get eaten, they’re bagged and offered at a low, low price. Which a few people guessed:

Honestly, if you don’t find the liquid part gross and you love boiled eggs, this IS an amazing deal. Thanks, Morrison’s, for grossing us out together and getting boiled eggs to people who love them.

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