Party Wants Check Split 25 Ways So The Restaurant Called The Police

Somewhere, there’s a server who just went through the worst shift of their lives and now everyone is seeing it all over Twitter and TikTok.

A TikToker named @thadoll.key posted her family’s story of going to a restaurant called Louisiana Bistreaux on her sister’s birthday and they were not happy with the service.


As she writes in “Part 1” of her video, there were 25 guests and at the end of the meal, they wanted to have the check split for everybody. The total on the check was over $2,200.

And then she says the restaurant CALLED THE POLICE for some reason and shows at least three officers coming into the restaurant.


This is a really hard one. I can’t side with the restaurant, because calling the police is a pretty wild response and there’s not enough context in this story to know what else happened. She has also turned off all her comments and added very little extra info.

She did write you won’t “believe what happens next” and told people to like for a Part 2.


But all that happens in part two is that it looks like a manager came by and offered to take off a few drinks, but still wouldn’t split the check. It’s still unclear what the resolution was.


The TikTok eventually made its way to Twitter where it ignited quite a debate on who was in the wrong: the server, for not asking how they wanted their checks at the beginning of the meal.

Or the patrons, for assuming that their request was a normal one:

Having been a waiter for many years before just writing about other waiters, I know for a fact not all POS systems are capable of splitting checks without a warning, though there are sometimes workarounds.

Would I have asked a table of 25 what they wanted to do before taking orders?

No, I would have gone and cried in the bathroom when they walked in, because any table over six is definitely gonna run you off your feet and not tip. Massive birthday dinners at restaurants are for amateurs, have it catered at your house.