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Woman’s Gingerbread House Hack Goes Viral On TikTok

Halloween may have only been three weeks ago, but people are already diving headfirst into the holidays. With COVID-19 taking a lot of joy from 2020, it’s understandable that many people want to experience some holiday cheer a little early. For those already getting into the festivities, Anita of Tasty Entertaining has a brilliant hack for anyone who’s planning to build a gingerbread house.

According to the Tasty Entertaining website, Anita is “in love with Christmas” and the “self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas.” 


Advent village 24 little gingerbread houses with a chocolate treat inside #HolidayTikTok #teachersontiktok #cake #christmascountdown2020

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Two days after Halloween, she threw up a gingerbread recipe on her blog and a video of her making little gingerbread houses on TikTok. That’s how serious she is about Christmas.

And that’s great for anyone participating in the holiday because Anita has creative ideas all over her blog, as well as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. The latter recently making Anita go viral for her gingerbread house hack.

Anita utilizes TikTok to show tutorials and now that we’re getting into the holidays, be prepared to see lots of holiday-themed videos. Here’s one that shows her making meringue stir sticks.


Meringue stir sticks! #holidaytiktok #Brrr #teachersontiktok #holidaycountdown

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One particular post, however, recently got Anita a lot of attention. In it, she offers up a helpful hack for anyone building gingerbread houses this holiday season.


White sugar, melted in pan. Dip Gingerbread parts in and hold for a few seconds. TA DA! A solid house! #HolidayTiktok #welldone #yougotthis

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In the video, she shows how she puts together the house quickly and easily, using burnt sugar. You simply put the sugar in a pan, get it to melting temperature and then piece the house together by bonding it with the burnt sugar.

She also uploaded a separate video that offers tips and a warning for anyone who plans to use the hack.


This sugar method works extremely well and is very easy but it does come with a warning! BE CAREFUL! #holidaytiktok #becareful #danger #yougotthis

♬ Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano

TikTokers were impressed and in just six days, the video received 1.6 million likes and 7.9 million views.

In both videos, people made requests for more gingerbread house tutorials, and Anita delivered. In her second video, she went into more detail on the method.


how to do it. #holidays #holidaycountdown #teachersontiktok #gingerbreadhouse #tutorial

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In a third, she showed how to clean your pan.


No! The pan is just fine. Just run hot water on it for a bit and it comes clean. #holidaytiktok #holidaycountdown #water #BakingSzn #gingerbread

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Thanks to Anita, the holidays just got way more awesome.

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