Woman’s Recipe For “Popcorn Salad” Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Generally, it’s bad form to criticize people’s food. They might have different cultural tastes, they might just be learning, they might have some weird comfort recipe their meemaw taught them. Who knows.

But this recipe getting dragged on Twitter was literally posted on the Food Network, which opens it up to some criticism. A lot of criticism, actually, because pretty much everyone who has seen this video has thrown up in their mouth a little.

In the video, the chef talks up this “popcorn salad” she is making.

Now, there are a lot of things called salad that are really carbs mixed with mayonnaise, so maybe we should all have seen this coming. I definitely did not.

She takes a bowl of popcorn and mixes it in with mayo, and the final product is truly horrifying:


To be fair, mayo can be great for flavor sometimes. Maybe mayo-flavored popcorn could be good??? Except in terms of consistency, there’s no way in hell this salad is keeping a strong crunch for long. Soggy, mayo-y popcorn mixed with shredded carrots sounds like a stomachache in a bowl.

Twitter united together to drag this recipe to hell, and even hell wouldn’t serve this salad:

If you live boldly and curiously and with a lot of extra mayo in the house, you can try the recipe for yourself:

Don’t serve it to anyone you like, though.