Bizarre Fast Food Items You Can’t Find In The United States (26 Pics)

It seems like you can get any food through a fast food window in America, but apparently, we are missing a few things.

McDonald’s Poutine, McDonald’s Pizza, or KFC’s spaghetti are all things I didn’t know I needed in my life before I saw them today.

It turns out other countries are living the high life when it comes to their fast food options.

Here are some really weird options they offer that The United States doesn’t.

1. KFC Thailand: Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl

2. KFC China: Twister Wrap

3. McDonald’s Hong Kong: Eggs, Sausage, and Curly Noodles Breakfast

4. McDonald’s Vietnam: Matcha McFlurry

5. McDonald’s Spain: Croquettes

6. Taco Bell India: Tikka Masala Burrito

7. McDonald’s Japan: Ebi Filet-O (Shrimp Burger)

8. Subway Japan: Cheese Hot Dog

9. McDonald’s Indonesia: Double Cheese McFlavor Fries

10. Starbucks Korea: Avocado Blended

11. McDonald’s Taiwan: Korean McCrispy Chicken

12. KFC India: Tandoori Zinger Burger

13. McDonald’s Canada: Poutine

14. KFC Philippines: Chiza (Cheese and pepperoni pizza on fried chicken)

15. McDonald’s Germany: Currywurst

16. KFC Phillippines: Double Down Dog (Hot Dog Wrapped In Fried Chicken And Topped With Cheese Sauce)

17. McDonald’s Greece: GreekMac

18. KFC Philippines: Chiza (Cheese and pepperoni pizza on fried chicken)

19. McDonald’s India: McPuff

20. KFC Phillippines: Spaghetti

21. McDonald’s Spain: Patatas Bravas (Fries Covered In Brava Sauce And Aioli)

22. McDonald’s Korea: Rich Potato Mushroom Burger

23. Starbucks Mexico: Banana Split Frappuccino

24. McDonald’s France: McChocoNuts

25. Taco Bell Shanghai: Crayfish Tacos

26. Taco Bell Netherlands: Fully Loaded Fries


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