Woman Asks “AITA” For Getting Mad At Husband Who Sells The Sandwiches She Makes Him To Buy Fast Food

Sandwiches are definitely one of the great lunchtime foods.

There are so many types of sandwiches to make, ranging from super-healthy to very decadent. But it’s pretty obvious that making yourself a sandwich at home is going to cost much less than purchasing a sandwich from the deli or from a restaurant.

When one woman found out her husband was selling the sandwiches she makes him for lunch and then taking that money to buy fast food, she lost it.

“My F33 husband M37 works at an advertising company. We’re struggling a bit financially because we’re saving up to purchase a new apartment. He is used to eating fast food and it was costly. He had no problem spending money daily on fast food and after doing the math he spends more than 300 a month on just fast food. 20$ daily. We live in expensive area. I talked to him about it. He agreed that I make sandwiches for him to take with him to work. That way he eats healthy and we spare money for rent. Everything was going on well. I noticed he wouldn’t respond when I ask wether he liked the sandwiches I make. But kept asking me make more than two since he was hungry,” the OP wrote.

“Yesterday. He came home with his friend and co worker. We sat at dinner table and his friend brought up the sandwiches I make for my husband. And how delicious they are. I thanked him then he said the price was a bit much. I was confused, I asked him to explain, and he said my husband sells the sandwiches I make to his co-workers then goes to buy his own lunch from the restaurant.”

“I was stunned my husband denied it. I began arguing with him after his friend left. He said there was nothing wrong with it. I told him I will no longer be making him sandwiches if he’s selling them to buy fast food. He defended himself calling this an overreaction since he’s not spending money on fast food and said I was being unfair to start an argument over this. I just walked into the bedroom and stayed there then he said I owe him an apology for God knows what and he didn’t think it was acceptable of me to lash out and say I won’t make him sandwiches anymore.”

You better believe that if I found out someone I was making lunch for was using my labor to make himself money, I’d be livid.

What do people think the OP should do?

“NTA. he was profiting off your kindness and labor. He kept that he was selling them a secret because he knew it was wrong,” said CurlyKs.

“Your husband is being reckless and irresponsible. He stumbled on a way to help you guys save money and be healthier and hell, maybe even earn extra money from the sale of extra sandwiches. But chose to squander it so he can eat fast food. If these sandwiches are so good that coworkers are willing to pay for them (seriously, would you ever willingly buy someone’s home made sandwich?? these must be insane) He should have shared the idea with you to help you make 4-5 and use the money to help yourselves financially. He is being purely selfish, he benefits from your labour (I know it may not be much, but I would be crazy upset if I made food for someone only for them to sell it and not tell me) and he should be apologizing to you,” said GhostOfAccountPast.

“NTA other people seem to find this funny but I don’t. Firstly he lied to you, which is strike 1, but strike 2 is that he was keeping the profits of your labour and then using it to buy something for himself that you could not afford. It is incredibly shitty that he is living it up whilst you get the labour of preparing extra food for people not your husband,” explained MsGinErso.

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