Among Us Memes That Are Actually Funny Now That I’ve Played The Game

Among Us is a video game that’s all the rage with the youth. I think. I’m not sure. Jokes about the game, though, are popping up everywhere. Just ask anyone who makes memes. If you look at any page of funny content on the world wide web, one of those posts is bound to feature little cartoon astronauts trying to kill each other or out an “impostor.” I looked at these jokes and cartoons for days on end in silent frustration. Frankly, I am one of The Olds. I know not much of the games enjoyed by people younger than I am. Also, more of a Dark Souls guy because I’m a masochist.

Finally, I gave the mobile version of Among Us a try. I was immediately voted off the spaceship. Not, I fear, because I was suspicious, but simply because gamers can smell fear. I’ve gotten better since.

Here are some Among Us memes that actually made me laugh now that I’ve played the game:

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