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20+ Sex Ed Teachers Share The “Most Awkward Or Cringeworthy” Questions They’ve Ever Have Had To Answer


Had a classmate ask if he could use a WATER BALOON as a condom—u/AlphaDigitGenZ


I teach 11-13 year olds. All subjects. I was explaining the functions of spontaneous erection to a group of 40 twelve year old boys.

“As you develop, and even into your adulthood, you will sometimes develop an erection at times that seem inappropriate. Just know that it’s normal and while it can be embarrassing, it does not necessarily mean that you are sexually attracted to anything or anyone at that time.”

Boy in the front row with his hand up: “I have an erection right now, is that normal?”—u/psnWaikato

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We had a girl in our class ask our science teacher when did she lose her virginity, she answered “when I first had sex”—u/iantoevans06


During our sex education in the early 90s (which amounted to ONE HOUR of dividing the boys and girls of each grade, taking them into their respective classrooms, and going over very broad topics), we were allowed to anonymously ask additional questions we had by writing them on a flash card and passing them to the front.

I asked what would happen if a boy peed inside a girl.

I watched as my flash card was silently read by the teacher, then unceremoniously thrown away without being answered.

To this day, I still don’t know.—u/BishSaidWut


When I was in health we had a younger and fairly attractive female teacher. One of the guys in my class thought it would be funny to ask her favorite flavor of condom. She just smiled and said “strawberry”. None of us expected it. I’m not sure if the guy creamed himself from the mental image or wanted to die from embarrassment, but it was a great class.—u/tricksterj


Not a teacher, but someone in sex-ed asked: “Is a penis considered a bone?”—u/crunchyen

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So I teach high school Biology and there is the SexEd unit. The public school district I teach in a super conservative. So I did my lesson, no one asked questions. One boy came up to me and said he was “uncut” and he had some “white stuff that smelled” and what could he do to get rid of it.

So I told him what it was Smegma and he needed to ask his parents that procedure.—u/imageofloki


“If two gay guys are doing anal, and the bottom farts, does that make the other guy’s balls inflate?”—u/ostensiblyzero


One of the girls in my class (I wasnt the teacher obv) thought that she would become pregnant if she shared the toilet with a boy. She was 15.—u/Kitsunemon


Somebody asked how he could get an orgasm.—u/jdka_123