Woman’s Penis Mask To Force Strangers To Socially Distance Goes Viral

To those of us taking the concept of social distancing seriously, it’s frustrating when others don’t. You put on your mask and your gloves and carefully head out on a rare trip to the grocery store or pharmacy, only to have someone brush thoughtlessly past you, or come right up to your face to hold a conversation.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to be done about people who get that close. But a social worker in Utah wants people to at least realize the error of their ways once it’s happened.

Mindy Vincent made a splash last week after she shared a photo of the gear she puts on when she leaves her house to go out into the world — specifically, a face mask covered in cartoon penises.

“Behold! My masks have arrived! I wore this to Walmart and Petco today,” she wrote. “When someone tells me my ask has penises on it, I will kindly let them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the fuck up.”

Vincent’s colorful devotion to social distancing has made her an instant champion to online spectators.

And the jokes pretty much write themselves.

The dick masks have gotten so popular that Vincent decided to market them.

She originally purchased the masks for her and her coworkers so they could continue their work with Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, a nonprofit aimed at reducing health and social harms associated with substance abuse, according to their website.

The website is now advertising several different fabrics and taking orders for what Vincent has named Cockblock Corona Masks, with all proceeds benefiting the nonprofit.

Unfortunately, they’re currently sold out, but aren’t all good things worth the wait?

In the meantime…did anyone have “penis masks” on their apocalyptic aesthetic bingo card? No? 

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