People Are Learning More Than They Want To About Their Neighbors In Quarantine (26 Tweets)

Part of quarantine is being stuck with whoever is nearby. Your lover, your family, your roommates, and for better or worse, your neighbors. Some people have great neighbors who are there in times of need and who make a house on a block feel like part of a community. Other people have neighbors from hell who play the tuba and call the cops on a regular basis. Right now, people all over America are finding out which category their neighbors are in if they didn’t know already. 

On Twitter, folks are sharing all the horrifying and heartwarming details of living next door to angels and demons. There is a lot of overheard boinking, a lot of poorly timed musical improvisation, and a lot of shock over what other people consider “social distancing.” If it involves mimosas and a paddling pool, you’re not doing it right.

Look, it’s hard to stay inside, especially when you hate the people who live immediately outside and to the right or left. But the sooner we can get through this dang quarantine, the sooner we can start to be annoyed by other humans who live much farther away—or at the very least, stop hearing everyone else having sex at all hours of the day.

Get through the next few minutes by reading these tweets: