20 Delicious Cookie Monster Tweets That’ll Keep You Going Into 2019

It’s important to start every new year off on the right foot. And what better way than to gift yourself with the knowledge that Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster has a Twitter account, and that this Twitter account is all types of adorable, relatable, and ever so sweet (GET IT? You get it.)

Anyway, the following is a list of Cookie Monster tweets that’ll get you in the proper mood for 2019: ready to eat cookies.

1. This relatable feeling:

2. This unchecked desire:

3. This…is what dreams are made of:

4. This call to action:

Let’s 👏 Get  👏 These 👏 Cookies

5. This win-win:

6. This interesting theory:

7. This all-inclusive birthday celebration:

8. This absolute improvement:

9. This confounding question:

10. This understandable interpretation: