Dad Reports ‘Pervert’ Watching His Kids To Police, Then Finds Out He’s The Pervert When They Try To Arrest Him

When it comes to protecting your kids, you can’t be too careful.

Or can you?

Recently father and Redditor confessed to r/Today I Fucked Up, that yes, maybe you can be too careful.

Like, oh I don’t know when you accidentally report yourself to the police and three squad cars pull up on you and try to take you down.

(Not Actual Photo, Which I Guess We Have To Say)

Here’s the original story, according to the OP:

As you can imagine, people were entertained and comments galore.

It’s rare that you have a chance to laugh about something as unfunny as child safety, but we’re glad this Reddit user found a way.

h/t Reddit, BoredPanda