27 People Share The Hilarious Reasons They “Deserved” To Get Bullied

Is bullying cool? Officially, the answer is no, but we are allowed to make personal exceptions when it comes to our own behavior. Growing up is a long process and there are some things you do that you later realize were super weird, cringe, gross, or annoying. Or you never learn and become the person everyone avoids at the reunion.

A Twitter user named @blKKstar shared a little story about what I must assume is only one strange thing they did in high school, writing,  “In high school i did Weird shit like bring my pet fish to class in a water bottle i deserved to get bullied.”

They had the receipts to prove it:

My god. That poor fish. It would have stressed me out so much to see that, but I still wouldn’t have bullied her. She’s allowed to say she deserved it, though, as are all the people who chimed in to share the freaky stuff they did that attracted negative attention. Or stuff they wish had attracted negative attention, so they would have stopped doing it sooner.

There were also a surprising number of people who snuck animals in with them to school. Kids, please don’t do this, it’s bad for the animals. They don’t deserve to be bullied either!

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