15 Problems We Had 15 Years Ago That Don’t Exist Today

Remember what things were like 15 years ago? Like when the technology we rely on today was in its infancy? At the time, it all seemed so wonderful. Music was so accessible! Tiny little iPods held thousands of songs and we still had our trusty CD-walkmans. You could send TEXTS to your friends and a future where no one had to pick up a phone to talk to another human being ever again finally seemed possible!

It was all so great…until it wasn’t. Because while everything was so amazingly convenient, things were prone to breaking. CDs got scratched. Videos crashed. iPods lost power, sometimes very, very quickly. And texting only worked if you had your own phone. For a lot of kids and teens, that dream had not yet been attained.

But now we never have to worry about those things again. Except for the age at which kids get phones. Texting still really only works if you have your own phone. Sorry, kids.

1. Trying to listen to music.

2. This is so old a lot of people will have no idea what they’re looking at, so let me explain.

This is how we could tell what was on TV. It would scroll by—there was no search function. So you’d watch this and wait and wait and wait until the channel you wanted finally came by. Of course, you could still click around super fast and annoy everyone else in the room. That’s always an option.

3. This was a fun problem to encounter when you were trying to burn a disc.














h/t: BuzzFeed

Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.