social distancing getting creative

People Are Coming Up With Creative, Fun New Ways To Pass The Time In Quarantine

The best way an ordinary citizen can combat the pandemic right now is by staying in to prevent the spread of the disease. That means social distancing by staying in as much as possible and keeping six feet away from anyone you do encounter—who isn’t already quarantined with you. It’s been about a week and everyone has already gone bananas.

Humans want to be near each other, for the most part, at least some of the time. Not only can we not come in close proximity, but sports are canceled, bars and restaurants are closed, and many of the outlets people use to blow off steam are gone.

This has led to some interesting revisions of the concept of socializing and entertainment. Folks are being endlessly inventive and creative in the pursuit of making it through. We will make it through together. Apart.

1. Happy Hour…in the park

2. Tic-Tac-Toe with turtles

3. Tic Tac Toe with kitties

4. Hanging out in the alley

5. Up in the air tennis

6. Balancing Pringles on the dog

7. Socializing on the street…apart

8. Household Olympics

9. Lawn hangs

10. Community Bingo