coronavirus stockpiling shopping carts

29 Americans Who Are Confused About How To Stock Up For Social Distancing

People are stocking up in anticipation of responsibly social distancing or even government-mandated quarantine if people won’t be responsible on their own. Or if the administration gets it together. So far, Donald Trump has been making it difficult for people to get tested and spreading misinformation. It makes sense that folks are panicking under those circumstances. 

What doesn’t make sense is the stuff they’re buying while panicking. Milk is flying off the shelves like cows get coronavirus and are about to go extinct. Having a few weeks of staples is a good idea, but trying to buy enough toilet paper to wipe an army’s butt isn’t going to help you. It’s also bad news for your neighbors and community members who are poor or elderly or unable to buy things in bulk for whatever reason.

They need to be able to go into a supermarket and find the basic necessities on a more regular basis than someone who can afford an entire palette of rice. The coronavirus panic-buying has led to some incredible images as folks line up to check out with their hoard. Scroll through and consider what you have and what you absolutely do not need.

1. Sprite

2. Trash Bags

3. Thousand Island Dressing

4. Muffins


6. Bread

7. Eggs

8. A recipe for disaster


10. Power bowls