30 Hilarious Product Reviews People Wrote On Amazon

Before you order something online, it’s smart to glance at the reviews just to make sure you know. what to expect.

We often hear about people who order an item on Amazon just to have it show up and be something completely unexpected. If only they had read the reviews, they maybe would’ve known before spending any money.

Reading the reviews can also be great entertainment. Even if you’re not buying anything, there’s still a plethora of funny reviews out there. Particularly, on Amazon.

Here are some funny Amazon reviews to wet your whistle.

1. “The Deep Exhausted Sigh At Baby #175”

2. “I Should Try It”

3. “Wasn’t Expecting To Laugh So Hard At A Review About A Plastic Strip That Helps You Remove Hair From Your Drain”

4. “A Review For Caliwhite Teeth Whitening Gel That Got Political Very Quickly.”

5. “Reality Check”

6. “Well At Least He Now Has A Dog”

7. “She’s Special”

8. “A Man And His Bidet”

9. “Reviewer Changes His Mind About A Bezos Biography”

10. “Someone Made A Mistake”

11. “Ashtray Review Took A Hard Left Turn”

12. “Time Stops For No Man”

13. “Yes Indeed”

14. “But Did It Work?”

15. “Workwear Crocs”

16. “Tina Watching Out For The Rest Of Us”

17. “Angel Titties”

18. “This Review For A Book About Demons”

19. “Rare Earth Magnets…ping!”

20. “Bread Slippers”

21. “Looking To ‘Flatter Her Splatter Cannon'”

22. “I Love Writing On A Subatomic Level!”

23. “I Appreciate Honest Reviews”

24. “How Do I Turn This Monitor On”

25. “Fishnets Are A Bad Influence”

26. “One Of My Personal Favorites”

27. “PS5 Not Waterproof”

28. “Baked Bread & Had Sex”

29. “What Product Makes This Review Even Funnier?”

30. “Monica’s Dark Energy”


Nate Armbruster

Nate Armbruster is a stand-up comedian and writer based in Chicago who is likely writing a joke as you read this. Find him online at natecomedy.com.