40 People With Shitty Taste But Flawless Execution Skills

All right, put it away, buddy. 

31. The crafty genius who knit this sweater

“Do my nipples show through this?” 

32.  The jewelry designer who made this Van Gogh necklace

Yes, we get it. 

33.  The dentist who turned his waiting room into a gaping maw

At least they went with the clean mouth option.  

34.  The knitter who made this brain hat

Is this what they mean by a thinking cap? Because gross. 

35.  The person who wanted these steampunk-lookin’ wheels

This is a crime against cars. 

36. Whoever is making these slippers that are designed to look exactly like your pets

How confusing must this be for the dogs? 

37. The person who created this upside down truck

This is the ultimate why. 

38. The hair expert who invented the hair-bead portrait

Oooh, now do the Mona Lisa!

39. The person who designed these…jeans? 

When you’ve thought so far outside the box you’re not even sure what a box is anymore. 

40. The mortal who made this crucifix

Making religion a little bit more fun.

h/t: Reddit