40 People With Shitty Taste But Flawless Execution Skills

No need for a new paint job!

16.  The artist behind this cockroach cappuccino

Hello, 911? 

17.  This man’s stretched ear/tattoo combo

At least the tattoo is adorable. 

18.  The wearer of these pigeon shoes

It really does look like she shoved her feet into some pigeons, so, effect achieved! These would have gone nicely with Bj√∂rk’s swan dress. 

19.  The owner of this chromed-out car

That looks like a very tacky safety hazard. 

20.  The artist who made this sculpture

Oh, man. Art. 

21.  The designer of this Human Santapede Christmas sweater

Furious I didn’t think of this first. 

22.  The stylist who did this pineapple hairdo

Still, though, the artistry is outstanding. 

23.  Whoever made these headphones

When all you want to listen to is the ocean. 

24. The person who marble-ized this car

RedditThis probably sounded great on paper. 

25. The colorist responsible for this dye job

I actually almost love this but it’s also a little bit making me want to puke. 

26. Whoever designed this inflatable Titanic slide

Forever too soon, people. 

27. The artist who made this finger ring

She does ear earrings, too. 

28.  The driver of this fishy car

I can’t imagine what it must smell like if you leave it sitting in the sun too long. 

29. The architect who dreamed up this diner in South Korea

Yup, two locomotives made to look like grasshoppers doin’ it. Mmmm nothing says “edible” like huge insects. 

30.  The person we have to thank for this lightswitch cover