20 Of The Most Unbelievable Cake Typos Ever Frosted

There is no shortage of cake makers and wonderful bakers in the world. There are also plenty of people who suck at spelling and grammar. (No judgement! We all suck at something…) Then there are those who somehow are both—and yet they managed to make a career of it! Or at least managed to convince people to let them create cakes for special occasions.

Here are 20 of the funniest and most dismal cake typos in the history of cakes.

1. “Keep up the hard work!”

2. “Happy Birthday Marc”

“Marc with a C”

3. “It’s a boy!”

4. “I loved you all along”

5. “Happy Birthday Alison”

6. “Congratulations Alex + James Magna Cum Laude”

7. “Happy birthday Johnny”

8. “Congratulations on your wedding”

9. “Happy birthday Natalie. You’re welcome”

10. “Congratulations, you did it!”