27 Hilarious Gas Memes And Tweets That Cost Exactly $0 Per Laugh

It’s been easy to overlook gas prices over the past two years since everyone has been driving a little less, but with the return to offices happening for many workers, you may have noticed a slight increase in your pump total.

And by slight, I mean, HUGE.

As I’m writing this post, the nationwide average price of $4.32 per gallon of gas.

You may remember the last time gas hit $4, during the global recession in 2008. With pandemic woes, the war in Russia, and general wage inequality issues plaguing the world, much like 2008, this couldn’t come at a worse time.

But here’s the good news, as troubling and disruptive as this pain at the pump can be for many: we’re all in this together, which in turn means that people on Twitter and Instagram are sharing funny memes about the rising gas costs that are 100% free!

27 Of The Funniest Gas Price Memes & Tweets

gas prices memes 2022

1. He’s just trying to show off.

gas meme - girl asked to take somewhere expensive

2. Carpooling is also good for the environment, so there’s that.

gas meme - napolean dynamite

3. No receipt, thanks.

gas memes - do you want a receipt


gas meme - put in freezer


gas meme - salt bae


gas meme -  selling soul

7. The gas is too damn high.

gas meme - high gas prices

8. I mean, this is TECHNICALLY unleaded.


gas meme - amish


gas meme - $4 wheels on man


gas meme - florida


gas meme - i heard he can afford  gas

13. Pain at your pump = pleasure at the quarterly earnings meeting.

gas meme - woody harrelson crying


gas meme - blender batteries



gas prices tweet - pre-approved


gas meme - flintstones


gas meme - tastes the same


20. Millemnnials remember.

high gas price memes -  james franco hanging



gas prices tweets 2022 - snoop dogg


gas meme - wheelys


25. Affording gas is easy if you just weren’t acting like entitled millennials.


gas meme - nest cam


gas meme -  harry potter

Jason Mustian

Jason is a Webby winning, Short-Award losing humor writer and businessman. He lives in Texas with his amazing wife and four sometimes amazing kids. All opinions are mine and very dumb.