27 People Share What They Consider To Be The “Greatest Tweet”

Twitter has been around for about 14 years. Little did we know when Ole Jack fired up his account that one day our sun-downing president would threaten to start world wars in 280 characters or less? When Twitter started, it was just a goofy place to post jokes, have public conversations, and tweet at celebrities, who occasionally tweeted back. Twitter likes to look into the past a lot because it certainly doesn’t want to look at the abuse and craziness happening on its platform RIGHT NOW. They used the main Twitter account to ask everybody on this thing, “Let’s settle this. What is the GREATEST tweet?”

People responded with a lot of different types of tweets, but I’d say the main categories are jokes, strange fights, and random celebrity thoughts. Lady Gaga’s pocket tweet made it in there as well. A lot of what people consider the best are kind of old, maybe because folks have gotten not only crazier on the platform, but also savvier. Which rappers innocently tweet at Sonic the Hedgehog anymore? Before the movie, I mean. It’s sad, but the best tweets ever may all be behind us. Scroll through for a walk down memory lane, revisiting old favorites.