Chrissy Teigen Eats “Night Eggs” And The Internet Has Opinions About It

Anybody with any stability in their lives has their little nighttime habits that help them unwind and get to sleep. While I know that’s true, I still have always imagined celebrities having a higher quality of sleep, just like they have a higher quality of life than most. Like, they get tucked away in a sleep pod and instantly fall into a peaceful and dreamless slumber, only to be woken by a relaxing facial.

Well, if Chrissy Teigen is to be believed, the only thing that helps her sleep is a couple of hardboiled eggs. 

This is something she apparently tweets about a lot, but it was brought back to public attention recently with this story, in which she wrote, “Each night before bed, as I eat my night eggs, if I’m not not on the Twitter, I catch up on my favorite subreddits: choosingbeggars, amithea**hole (AITA) and thathappened. I enjoy these very much and learn a lot about…humans.”

Okay, we all love reading r/AmItheA**hole, but Night Eggs? Eggs are for the morning, and I will die on that hill! Teigen has written many times about her night eggs, even posting pictures of them.

chrissy teigen night eggs
via Twitter

Teigen’s argument for the night eggs is that she needs a full stomach to sleep, wakes up periodically throughout the night, and prefers to eat eggs to refill her belly than beef jerky, because jerky makes her face puffy. Why those are the only two options, I have no idea.

She seems to tweet about it more when her husband, John Legend is out of town. I wouldn’t want to sleep next to someone eating hardboiled eggs in bed, either, so maybe she’s freer to egg down when he is away.

chrissy teigen night eggs
via Twitter

The night eggs inspired people to share what they consider an appropriate midnight snack. Some suggestions are more palatable and some…are not.

Insomnia sucks, so I guess if you have to fall asleep with a mouthful of eggs to get any sleep at all, you should. Just don’t try to kiss me in the morning. JK, Chrissy Teigen can kiss me anytime!

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