golden girls as jordans

This Golden Girls Characters As Jordans Thread Is Making Some Good Points, Actually (29 Tweets)

Being in quarantine has pushed people to new creative heights when it comes to memes and trends. One of the weirdest and hardest to explain might be comparing one type of thing to another type of thing solely with side by side pictures. It might have started with Chris Evans and hand sanitizer bottles, but it has quickly branched out into ever more unlikely combos. The pinnacle of this trend is perhaps this thread started by comedian Desus Nice on Twitter of Golden Girls characters and Jordan sneakers. Because it’s perfect.

Nice stopped after going through the main characters once, showing us Rose, Blanche, Sophia, Dorothy, Stanley, and Dr. Harry Weston along with their sneaker twins. Maybe the Golden Girls just have an iconic aesthetic, maybe Jordans are the only shoe with the range, but there is a shoe marriage for everyone:

After Nice’s thread cut off, followers jumping in with dozens of more examples. There are as many Jordans that look like Golden Girls as there are outfits for Barbie in the Mattel aisle.

This has made me want to revisit old episodes of the classic sitcom and actually sit through the credits so I can give a standing ovation to the costume designer. Wardrobe was serving lewks:

If only there could be some sort of crossover, like a pair of Jordans honoring the show or an episode honoring Jordans. That’s the kind of uplifting cross-generational and cultural love we need. A TV show is like a sneaker and a sneaker is like a TV show. Top that, Twitter! JK I know you will in like five minutes. Can’t wait to see how every character from Harry Potter resembles a truck, or something.

More comparison tweets: