20+ Hilariously Relatable Tweets From This Week

Sometimes people who claim they’re just “brutally honest” are, in actuality, jerks. Not so with this collection of tweets!

This is a simple post: it’s just a collection of the best truly honest tweets from around Twitter this week. We love how real these Twitter users kept everything, saying what we’re all thinking all the time.

I especially love the Roomba tweet down below.

Which one is your favorite?

1. Old TikToker

fatcarriebshaw / Twitter

2. White people arguing

Twitter / Reddit

3. Why would girls pick that?

4. Stand up fast

xeepo / Twitter

5. Me, as a doctor

Twitter / Reddit

6. I don’t know either

 Average_Dad1 / Twitter

7. Too true

AuthorAbbyJim / Twitter

8. Wild times

caitiedelaney / Twitter

9. Which one are you?

BigKidProblems / Twitter

10. That’s a friend

Twitter / Reddit

11. Yes.

 BrennanCaldwell / Twitter

12. It’s always me

Photo: babyltaly / Twitter

13. What a rebel

barbarikkizzle / Twitter

14. No.

aly__dixon / Twitter

15. Too fast!

Twitter / Reddit






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