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“It’s Not Just For Ladies,” Writes Husband On Amazon Review For Wife’s Pregnancy Announcement Dress

For some reason, the trend for pregnancy announcement photos these days is to wear a robe too long to walk in, then wander through a forest looking like a woodland nymph lost in the world of their own belly. Being pregnant apparently sends women in the universe of Lord of the Rings, except the orcs are on the other side of the mountain range.

I’ve never given much thought to where these garments come from or where they end up (a landfill, probably), but based on this screenshot posted to Reddit by u/MayuMayhem, you can buy them on Amazon.

The screenshot is of one of these long white dresses and a review of the product, titled, “It’s not just for ladies!”

via Reddit

The review’s author is a man named Gil, who wrote, “My wife bought this for our pregnancy announcement and it was too big. I saw my opportunity and I knew what I had to do. This dress does it all! You Want to feel pretty? Check. Majestic? Sure. Pregnant? Of course. Hot? It’s lit fam.”

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He ended by saying, “I’d rate this a perfect 5/5, I’m not sure how it works for ladies but it made me feel like a queen.” And shared a picture of himself modeling it, obviously:

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He is beauty. He is grace. He is walking in a robe through outer space.


The screenshot got over 73 thousand upvotes on Reddit, shooting it to the front page of the platform. It got so popular, in fact, that guy who posted the Amazon review found the Reddit post, and commented on it under the name garamas. He wrote:

Hey OP that’s me just a quick update we had the kid

Thanks for the repost 👍

Edit: this is my highest voted comment!! Thank you everyone for the kind words I really appreciate it! Also January 2020 sucked so let’s all try to be a little nicer to each other, and if we all do it the world would be a better place.

And with those wise words he also shared a picture of his family on Imgur, which is almost as perfect as the picture of him in the pregnancy announcement dress:

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This is a family that knows how to take a picture, props or no.

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