A Woman Has A Viral Instagram Account About Her Husband’s Garbage And He Doesn’t Know

There is a woman in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan who is sitting on a ticking time bomb. It’s her Instagram account @gomi_sutero, which means “throw away your trash” in Japanese, and it secretly chronicles life with her messy husband.

All the pictures are of her husband’s garbage that he leaves around the house. She currently has close to half a million followers, and he apparently still doesn’t know his filth is being documented for the world’s curious eyes.

The anonymous wife told Buzzfeed News that she used to post pictures she took of her husband’s mess to her private account but started a separate one at her friend’s suggestion. It was still a relatively secret phenomenon until someone took a bunch of screenshots and tweeted about it with the caption, “I thought this account was posting pretty homeware, but it’s actually sharing the mess this husband made…”

The account is popular because it’s a funny idea and because this husband leaves extremely aesthetically pleasing pieces of trash around. His garbage is almost cute.

Like this itty bitty piece of seaweed that seems to be stuck to the wall for some reason:

Or a trail of cloud-like used tissues:

There are a lot of toilet paper roll assemblages:

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_ 【速報】 . 夜中トイレに起きたら… 言葉を失う嫁… . このアカウントを始めて トイレットペーパーに注目するようになって 浮き彫りになった我が家の問題点! . ダブルロールやけんシングルロールにしてみるか。 . え、本当に 何人か住んでないよね? 私そんなトイレ行きよるんかな? 旦那 食事のたびに快便とか? ( こっちはみさえ並みに便秘ぞ。) あ、でもそういえば トイレでも鼻かみよるな… 今日 旦那が家にずっとおったにしても… . これは現実から目を背けたい…神隠し… . #悲報#速報#リアルタイム

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And clothes piles that make it look like someone got raptured:

This messy husband also has a habit of leaving the blowdryer and hairbrush in extremely odd places:

What will this messy husband do when he discovers that his dirty socks and tissue habits are being displayed for the entire Internet to judge? His wife apparently thinks it won’t be a big deal. She told Buzzfeed, “I think he will laugh a lot.”

He’s a goofy guy, according to her, which is why he doesn’t pick up his laundry.

“I tell him about his messy habits every day,” she said. “And every time I do, he makes me laugh with a silly comeback, so it’s really fun.”

Sounds like they have a system in place, but if my husband OR my wife did either of these things, the marriage would be canceled. 

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