People Are Sharing The Most ‘On-Brand’ Things They Did As Kids And Apparently, We All Grew Up Together

People are diverse by nature. We all hail from different backgrounds were raised in different households with different rules, and yet there are somethings we’ll always have in common.

Twitter users are sharing their most ‘on-brand’ childhood stories and tbh, they’re so damn relatable it’s scary.

Florida resident Kathryn Brightbill recently asked the Twitter-verse about their most on-brand childhood stories.

And she kicked the poll off with her own example.

It wasn’t long before people started sharing their insanely relatable anecdotes.

1. Glue in the hair was a common occurrence.

2. It’s important to appreciate all of the little things in life.

3. Always be curious, but with shoes on.

4. Siblings are the best.

5. Show and tell can be dangerous.

6. Every child has been lost in a store at least once.

7. The sneaky reader always finds a way.

8. A little white lie never hurt anyone.

9. Bringing home treasures is always a gamble.

10. Not every kid likes to be social.

11. Her love for the ocean never went away.

12. Librarians have childhood stories too.

13. How the tables have turned…

14. Some things never change.

15. And the Oscar goes to…

16. Kids say the darndest things.

17. A young, but brilliant entrepreneur.

18. Child prodigy?

19. And this pure act of solidarity.

h/t Twitter