21 Photos That Really Pissed Us Off In 2018, Until We Figured Them Out

Sometimes, the angle in which a photo is taken can be truly confusing. We think we’re seeing a weird, morphed, crazy image when in reality—it’s our eyes deceiving us. Once you figure out the “optical illusion” aspect, you can see the true figures in the photo, and can hardly see the confusing ones again. But, that doesn’t mean we weren’t utterly confused for…hella long.

Damn these people.

1. This isn’t a baby with an old face.

I give up from confusing_perspective

2. Nope, this woman is not a giant. And, he’s so not touching her butt.

Double from confusing_perspective



5. This is not an imaginary car, just a bumper on the street.

This picture of a car bumper taken after a car crash looks like it belongs to car coming from another dimension. from confusing_perspective

6. Nope, this guy isn’t touching her shoulder.

Excuse me, miss from confusing_perspective

7. This cat is not brolic, he just has a sock on his back.

Sock on cat from confusing_perspective

8. This kid is not flexing, just asking you to try him.

Got this in my mailbox, thought the kid was flexing from confusing_perspective

9. Nope, these aren’t 4 bald guys.

Bald squad from confusing_perspective

10. This is not one long, long cow.

The cows are long in France from confusing_perspective