“Room Rater” Twitter Account Judges Celebrities On The Rooms They Do Video Calls In (45 Pics)

Since most of our lives have moved online, we’re more used to seeing people on Zoom or Skype conference calls than in real life. Some folks have not yet learned that when a camera is on, everything in the room can be seen, including naked dudes and bongs. Celebrities should be ahead of the curve since they’re more often on camera, but even there, many are making errors in judgment about what to show in their homes. Luckily, there is a new Twitter account here to help us make the shift with some harsh yet fair criticism.

Room Rater takes screenshots of people speaking on TV or online in the comfort of their homes and assesses the quality of their framing and interior design.

Whoever runs @ratemyskyperoom prefers clean lines, flattering lighting, and enough distance from the camera to keep your facial features from distorting. No one escapes their rating system, not Meryl Streep, not Pitbull, Not even Joy Behar. Room Rater thinks everyone could be a bit more elegant and put their dirty laundry away.

Look, taste might be subjective, but I’ll never again allow myself to indulge in the “hostage shot” after looking through these, that’s for sure.