The Best Viral Halloween Costumes From 2019 So Far (38 Pics)

38 Of The Best Viral Halloween Costumes From 2019, So Far

This has been one of the most epically long Halloween weeks in years and it’s still going. Halloween isn’t until Thursday, but folks broke out their costumes this weekend. They went hard all weekend—so hard, in fact, that dozens of Halloween costumes hit the Internet and instantly went viral.

The theme this year was “obscure reference that only makes sense side-by-side with a photo on Twitter.” Which is fine, because if you want a costume to go viral, it has to be funny on Twitter. This has been the case every year for a while, but it was especially true in 2019, when most of us seem to be communicating solely in memes.

Some of the costumes below are amazing on their own, but most of them are elevated by the fact that they make no sense unless someone explains them. These costumes might be bad at parties, but they’re perfect on social media. Enjoy scrolling through and thinking about what weird, specific Spongebob you’ll be next year. Or on Thursday. There’s still time!

Here are 38 of the best and most viral Halloween costumes of 2019, weekend one.

1. The Creative Baby Name Lady

2. Bette Midler from Hocus Pocus…and a sexy lifeguard?

3. Baby Jean-Ralphio of Parks & Rec

4. The Best Housewives and Veggie Cat Meme of All Time

5. OG Buffy

6. Susan Atkins Post Dog Food

7. Communist Luanne Platter

8. The And I ᵒᵒᵖ Meme

9. Dino Pole Dancer

10. A Very Specific Dancing Kermit Succession Mix