Nurses Share The “Weirdest Things” Patients Coming Out Of Anesthesia Have Said (20 Stories)

Coming out of anesthesia can be the weirdest experience. You’re totally disoriented and foggy, and you have tons of weird, disjointed thoughts that sometimes just fall out of your mouth. So think about how it must feel to be a nurse tasked with bringing you into recovery—they are witness to a person’s most vulnerable, oddest self as the anesthesia begins to wear off.

On Reddit, nurses are sharing the weirdest things they ever heard patients say or see them do when coming out of anesthesia.

And I think we have a David Lynch movie in the making. From conversations with Gandalf to requesting a Christmas tree for food, they are truly bizarre. 


“A man asked me if his body parts still belong to him and I still think about it lmao.” — serenasaystoday


“I work in the OR. Funniest was a guy quickly sat straight up after extubation. we’re all standing around him making sure he doesn’t try to jump off the table. He looks at me and then slowly gives me double finger guns. Turns is head to another staff member and slowly gives them finger guns. Didn’t say a word, just finger guns.” — gravyrobberz


“When I got my wisdom teeth out, the nurse was trying to wake me up and said, ‘okay, it’s time to open your eyes. Can you open your eyes for me?’ I said, ‘Say pleee-eease!’ She said please very nicely, and I opened my mouth as wide as I could.” — iletthe12dogsout


“Woke up thinking I’d had sex with my doctor. And apologised to him for how bad it was…” — Wileykid


“We had to slide board a patient from the stretcher to his bed after an endoscopy. (You put a board between bed and stretcher and. Then grab patient and slide them over to bed with sheet underneath them). My patient screamed ‘WEEEE!’ And then proceeded to tell us that these are the best drugs ever and that it felt like the 60s again.” — paprikaparty


“I had a 10 year old girl who snapped her arm on the trampoline. When she was coming out of the ketamine slumber, she asked why she saw God. Little freaky. She also snarfed down 4 PB&J sandwiches after and I was impressed.” — salty-MA-student


“Guy wakes up in the recovery room after left knee replacement surgery and starts talking with his wife, ‘Well, at least I still have two good knees.’ ‘Oh honey,’ she replied, “you just had knee surg…” He interrupts in a loud voice, ‘MY RIGHT KNEE AND MY WEENIE!'” — F00FlGHTER


“My brother got his wisdom teeth out not too long ago. When He woke up, he started laughing a lot, like He wasn’t laughing super hard, but he was laughing for supper long and it almost sounded monotone. After a couple minutes of just flatline laughter, he stopped and mumbled ‘chicken’ like it’s what he was laughing at, don’t know why but it stopped him from laughing for a bit.” — Hexellent3r


“I had a male patient who as he woke up mumbled, ‘I’m not pregnant?!'” — godricspaw


“Did a short stint in recovery as part of my graduate program. I got proposed to a couple of times. Same guy would walk past me in the corridor a day later and not recognise me!” — female_aardvark