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People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Weird, Funny, And Original Christmas Gifts (19 Tweets)

Books, booze, and socks are not cutting it as Christmas gifts in the year 2019. The Internet has made us too aware of all the wild sh*t out there to buy for our families, and it’s given us about 40 different platforms to buy stuff made to our exact specifications by actual artists.

Just spend twenty minutes on Etsy and you’ll see all the ways you can put your family’s faces on various products. Go on eBay and find the exact album your mom and dad first made out to, if they’ll share that info. There’s no excuse for a lazy or impersonal present anymore.

And the competition is steep. People on Twitter were sharing some of the sweetest, funniest, and most thoughtful and outright weird gifts they found under the tree this year—and they will make you feel insecure about your own choices.

Instead of wondering why you neither gave nor received anything this special or cool, let these tweets inspire you to do better next year. Or much worse, depending on how you look at it.