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People Are Sharing The Very Different Ways Their Parents Treated Them Vs. Their Younger Siblings (39 Tweets)

Comedian Abby Govindan made an observation on Twitter that went wildly viral because it’s just so true. Any eldest sibling has had the experience of being shocked by what their younger brothers and sisters can get away with. Govindan shared her tale of parental hypocrisy and a recommendation for how older kids should deal with these betrayals in the future. She wrote:

when my mom found my weed in high school she cried for 3 days, enrolled me in addiction therapy, grounded me for 2 months and took the car away. Yesterday, 6 years later, my mom found my little sisters weed and politely asked her to stop smoking and that was it.

In a second tweet, she recommended a little organization to demand basic eldest sibling rights, saying, “Little siblings don’t read this, Older siblings we must unionize and demand better conditions and equal treatment.”

The responses weren’t from people willing to pay union dues, but there are plenty of hurt feelings out there. Turns out, kids have a long memory when it comes to injustice.