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“Joker” Memes Just Fit With 2020 (39 Memes)

Joker memes are perfect for 2020.

The 2019 film Joker was controversial long before it was released. For some reason people thought this movie about a sad clown would incite rage and violence from disgruntled young men, which it in fact did not.

What it did do was bestow upon us a wealth of Joker memes. Many of these derive from the now-iconic scenes where Joaquin Phoenix’s titular Joker dances triumphantly on a long set of stairs, stands glumly in an elevator, or gets hit by a car. Now, thanks to a photo of Phoenix talking with director Todd Phillips on set that resurfaced a while back, a whole new category of Joker memes has been added to the mix.

Here are the best Joker memes we could find, all around. Enjoy but don’t use them as a substitute for therapy.

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