People Are Sharing The Things They Only Recently Learned And, TBH, It’ll Make You Feel Smart

Sometimes it takes us a little longer to understand or even notice the most mundane occurrences in our everyday lives. Other times we believe something is one way until many years later we learn that in fact, we’d been looking at the situation all wrong. For instance, the game tag is actually an acronym for ‘touch and go’ and pickles are made from cucumbers—I did not know either of these things until today. Mind. Blown.

One Twitter user decided to ask her followers about their most random epiphanies and the responses did not disappoint.

Shannon Proudfoot recently asked her Twitter followers about their most mundane yet earth-shattering epiphanies.

1. Like this grocery store mixup.

2. And the man named Arson.

3. This interesting take on the national anthem.

4. A mind-blowing automobile discovery.

5. This understandable confusion.

6. Someone who should probably go back to school.

7. This zoological mistake.

8. And this one too.

9. A lunar learning experience.

10. This not-so-obvious acronym.