19 Posts That Will Make You Reevaluate Your Entire Existence

Do you ever find yourself falling down an epic chain of internet rabbit holes? One second you’re watching a viral video and then three hours later you’re drowning in Reddit shower thoughts with all productivity lost for the day. Yeah, me too. In fact, I thought I’d share the most recent assortment of arbitrary facts and revelations I’ve discovered to ensure that you get absolutely no work done today. You’re welcome.

19. Wait what? Oh, that.

18. Woah.

17. Trying this right now.

16. Agreed, tbh.

15. Burton, you son of a gun.

14. Someone get me a calculator.

13. Today’s kids will never know.

12. My life is a lie.

11. Is nothing sacred?

10. You’re doing it right now, aren’t you?