“Sure Grandma, Let’s Get You To Bed” (22 Memes)

The “Sure Grandma, let’s get you to bed” meme proves we’re all grandma now.

What makes a great meme? It has to be striking, refreshing, and reproducible. Something about that random cartoon still or photo has to be strange or perfect enough that it can be rolled out with a thousand different twists and keep getting funnier. Above all it has to ring true in some way that sparks recognition in the reader.

The recently-spawned Get Grandma To Bed meme does just that by using a stock photo to mock the unfounded theories and wild claims shared by many of our older relatives on Facebook and in endless chain emails with titles like Q-ANON CLOSING IN ON HILARY!! or fwd:fwd:fwd: LIZARD CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED: PROOF!!

While people are using it in other creative ways it may as well be called—OK, Boomer: The Sequel.


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