17 Memes About Aliens And UFOs, Oh You Know, Possibly Making Contact With Us Lately

Um, I don’t know if you’ve been watching Twitter lately, but Chinese spy balloons aren’t the only things flying around up there without our knowledge.

There have been a significant amount of UFO sightings lately, therefore the UFO meme has been on the rise as well. Seriously, everyone is joking and making memes about ACTUAL UFOs BEING FILMED AND SHOT DOWN.

Ufo Pentagon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Now, it’s likely these are just crafts from other countries or one of America’s many off-book military experiments, but still. This is happening, well, kind of a lot.

Twitter is all over it. Both breaking news and videos, plus some great jokes and memes. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if the aliens are already on Twitter enjoying the sh*t out of this all.

Here are the 17 best UFO memes from folks following all this alien news:

1. My guess is the aliens are just watching the last season of a great show. And I’m sure they’re enjoying the UFO tweets.

2. Draw the UFOs some pictures, Amy.

3. The aliens are next. Run, Rokulites!

ufo meme - roku city

4. Who says yes to this?

5. “I have identified it. It is a UFO.”

6. What a ride it has been. Please let me off.

ufo meme - bad news tweet

7. Sounds like a cool dude. I’d park my UFO there.

8. Gimme like 15

ufo meme - halftime show

9. Thank you, Riri.

10. Kinda rude tbh.