People Are Trying to Find Out What A ‘Vibe Check’ Actually Is

Time to check the vibe on what a vibe check is. The concept of the vibe has been around a long time, but people might give you all sorts of definitions for what that means. A vibe is a feeling. It’s how you feel, it’s how the room feels.

It’s like a temperature check that isn’t spoken. You can vibe with another person. You can vibe on an object. you can even kill a vibe, according to Kendrick Lamar. But how do you check a vibe? 

Crazily enough, the definition for a vibe check on Urban Dictionary is “the act of killing/beating a person, usually with a baseball bat or pistol.” Yikes!! That would definitely change the vibe.

This is not how it is most frequently used on the Internet. On Twitter, you check someone’s vibe on an emotional level.

It means asking in on a friend, seeing how they’re doing, or making sure everyone is doing okay, so you can keep vibing.

How can a vibe check mean so widely disparate things?

Well, maybe because the idea of vibe checking has mostly spread on social media, where the opportunity to hit someone in the head with a baseball bat is harder to come by. It’s much easier to ask how folks are doing, as Twitter user @umru did in March of this year:

That shout out in October to @cake_hoarder references an account that has since famously started vibe checking on the regular last April.

They pair their vibes checks with random images, which I think tend to influence the vibe:

They even sell Vibe Check merch:

At this point, the concept has become a bit cliche, but @cake_hoarder doesn’t care:

Maybe that’s because at the heart of the vibe check is something very important—the need to express how you’re feeling.

It invites people to be emotionally honest about what’s going on, to say if they’re happy or if they’re lonely or if they’re loving the vibes.

Even if what people are feeling looks a little weird and confusing sometimes:

Because a vibe goes far beyond words. That’s why we have memes. 

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