Man Accuses Wife Of Incest For Breastfeeding Their Baby And Files For Divorce

In today’s edition of I-can’t-believe-this-person-exists, we’ve got a husband divorcing his wife for breastfeeding their newborn son.

Yup. In his eyes, a woman breastfeeding her child is incest. Further, letting another “man” suck on her boobs is an act of betrayal (in a text exchange, he refers to his newborn son as a “man”). 

The texts between husband and wife have been making the rounds online, and readers are shocked by the man’s bizarre, disturbing, and controlling outlook on breastfeeding.

When a mother breastfed her newborn son, the husband became outraged, calling the act “incestuous” and demanding a divorce

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The story is so outlandish that many readers began to question its validity. So the woman posted an update that included their divorce papers. She forgot to censor their personal info, however, which resulted in the original post being taken down.

Screenshots of the exchange are posted below:

“I’m not sure about where the husband was coming from”

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The woman who shared the story with Bored Panda discussed the husband’s twisted views on breastfeeding.

“I’m not sure about where the husband was coming from. Honestly, I believe that our society as a whole has an issue with still sexualizing breastfeeding and I think this man just had an over-sexualized view of it in his mind. I’m a nursing Mom and I nursed my 2 younger children and even when I would nurse them in public with cover on I would get weird looks and was treated differently by staff members,” she told the outlet.

She continued: “When I was returning to work after my now 9-year-old was born, the company I worked for, Savers, refused to let me nurse on a schedule that was practical, they wanted me to wait until another manager could come in and cover me 5 hours into my shift which is just not realistic for a nursing mom to wait that long, but they told me to just supplement with formula so I think David just took that mentality too far.”

The husband had also taken issue with his wife bathing their young boys

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Before the wife was banned for accidentally doxxing herself and her husband, she revealed more details about the husband’s overly sexualized views and authoritarian behavior. 

The woman who shared the story recalls: “She did post on her personal page that they were in the middle of divorcing and that he also sees bathing their 2 sons after 2 years old as incest as well, so I think that he just has a very strange and over-sexualized view of things, maybe he’s even taken the Oedipus complex a bit too seriously seeing his sons as ‘competition.’”

“This is so gross”: the internet was appalled by the man’s sickening outlook

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