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People Are Sharing The “Less Obvious Things” They Miss About Life Before The Internet

Life before the internet was obviously much different than it is now.

Before the internet there was no GPS to get around, it was more work to keep in touch with people, and all of the devices in your home weren’t dependent on having a good wifi connection. 

But what about all the less obvious stuff about pre-internet life? Life without the internet or a smartphone was much simpler and less stressful. Yeah, we didn’t know as much or have access to as much information as we do now, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Did we all really need to know who bean dad is, all of Chrissy Teigan’s life mistakes, and our Aunt’s conspiracy theories? Maybe not. 

People on Reddit are sharing all the less obvious things about pre-internet life that they really miss.

Here are some of the best entries: 

1. Can we go back?

2. This sounds like a nightmare now

3. Oof, so scary. 

4. You could just make things up too 

5. You better show up

6. We’re all going to find out about it now

7. Gimme those prizes

8. The best part of the year

9. NSFW stuff loaded one pixel at a time

10. Wait til this guy hears about mediating

11. It’s more fun to play one thing and learn it inside and out

12. Read it front to back


13. You listened to every song too 

14. The little guides were so helpful 

15. You better show up 

16. I miss the back of shampoo bottles when pooping

17. RIP Blockbuster

18. I want to look like crap sometimes 

19. You can’t do this anymore

20.  Congrats on getting to the end of this post everyone!