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Man Asks Doctor How To Increase Chances Of A Boy After Finding Out He’s Having Twin Girls

It’s hard to have a baby with zero expectations, but some people focus so intensely on what their baby’s gender is going to be it becomes dangerous. For their relationships and the world, considering how often gender reveals lead to a massive fire.

Redditor u/justwantoneboy clearly doesn’t understand what kind of damage he’s doing, based on the story he told on r/AmItheA–hole under the title, “AITA for asking the doctor how to increase chances of having a boy next time?”

The OP says that he found out at an ultrasound that his wife is pregnant with twin girls. The couple already has two daughters and he has been wanting a boy.

In the room, he exclaimed, “C’mon!” in frustration after finding out and claims “it was fine because everybody laughed.” Ha, ha.

He then asked the doctor how to increase the chances of having a boy “next time,” and was told about the Shettles Method, which involves vagina Ph, just FYI. But all was not well in the room:

Everybody was happy and laughing. Everything was fine. Soon as we get into the car my wife turns into a whole different person and stops smiling and being happy. I can’t remember her exact words but I knew she was upset about the question I asked.

I told her that I love our daughters but I just wanted a boy and that there was nothing wrong with that. She hasn’t spoken to me in a few hours. I don’t really see what the problem is.

I don’t want too many replies, please. Just like 10. If you read this and you see that there’s 10 comments already, please don’t add another one. Thank you

People were incensed by the OP’s oblivious and rude behavior towards his wife and absolutely ENRAGED that he dared put a limit on the number of comments he should receive.

There were easily over 6,000 and the post eventually got deleted by the mods, who wrote, “Okay, everyone had fun. OP got 752x as many comments as he asked for. As you can imagine, the dogpile effect invites a lot of rule-breaking and at this point, it feels like we’ve left a bear trap out for you guys. Locked.”

Before they did that, a lot of people shared excellent points about how the OP was literally talking about a “next time” birth in front of his wife who is already growing two of his progeny in her torso.

Some people were compassionate about having “gender disappointment,” but feeling a certain way and yelling about it during an ultrasound are two different things. Save the disappointment for your therapist and take care of your wife. She’s doing the real work.