“F—ket Bucket” Is A Cleaning Hack For Foul-Mouthed Moms And Everyone Else

I only have one child, but for some reason (probably the small apartment, probably my own lack of concern with mess), there are always toys everywhere. I find plastic fruit in my boots, puzzle pieces in the couch, stuffed animals in the bathtub, and dinosaurs just about everywhere. The other day I found three Peppa Pig figurines in a potted plant.

My kid is still a little too young to really get the concept of cleaning up after himself (or maybe I’ve failed, who knows), but a lot of parents struggle with constant mess and kids who know better. One mom in such a situation decided to come up with a solution—and her concept has gone viral.

Jessica McGinty came up with the idea of the “F**ket Bucket,” which is a pretty solid idea as far as cleaning hacks go.


McGinty gave each of her children their very own bucket, telling them that if she finds toys laying around, she will put it in the kids’ bucket. 


Then, at the end of the day, if the kids haven’t put the toys in their bucket back in their right places, those toys will go in the garbage. With the holidays in full swing and the introduction of new toys and rejection of the old, this is a perfect seasonal hack.

In an interview with Scary Mommy, McGinty described the F**ket Bucket: “We’re a blended family of five, nine and under – nine, seven, seven, six, and two. It’s working well so far,” she says. “I can wander around and pick up any missed things and drop them in the buckets and the kids love them, knowing exactly where things they’ve missed are.”

McGinty says she’s gotten an amazing response from people online who love her idea and use it in their own lives: “The response has been crazy to be honest! I had no idea it would resonate so much,” says McGinty. “I might have to release a sticker line or buckets or something.” 

Take note, parents. A F**ket Bucket might be the perfect holiday gift

Lead image: Facebook

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